KENN ELLIS - AKA:SILLEstyleINK - EST.1975 - OCCUPATION:Tattoo Artist - 19 yrs.exp

Kenn was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio. He became interested in art at the age of six while watching his uncle sketch up designs and tell stories about his experience in the army. Every chance Kenn could get,

he picked up his pencils and sketchbook and doodled for hours, always trying to top the last sketch with a better one.


All throughout school Kenn continued his passion for art and took every opportunity to advance his artistic ability by taking as many art and design classes as he could, leading him in the direction to become an architect after high school, but soon found a love for the art of tattooing after getting his first tattoo. He then pursued to teach himself how to tattoo and took it on full time building a portfolio and developing a unique style and approach to tattooing.


Kenns tattoo style is very diverse and ranges from black n gray to full color and everything in between. He specializes in cover ups and black n gray portraits.

Kenn has worked at a few notable studios throughout his career as well as owned his own private studio formerly known as Artifakt Tattoo Company and SILLEstyleINK Design Studio. You can catch up with Kenn on the road at many upcoming conventions, as well as by appt Only.


Kenn is married to Roo Phoria, proffesional alternative tattoo model, and is loving life spending time with his daughter and travelling with both of them.

Kenn is also into photography, graphic design, web design, filming and editing video. if you would like to consult about any of those services 

please send him an email.

Kenn has worked with some great bands and musicians such as :

- Mushroomhead - Ventana - The Autumn Offering- Foose - nothing - Tenafly Viper - 3rd Union - Black Flood Deisel - Who Killed Marylin - The Missing - Marz and BDB - The Last Alliance - Joe Moorhead - Hed PE - 2014 All Rights Reserved 2021

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